(Under) Five Minute Morning Facial

August 8, 2019 / SKIN

Ever heard the sound of your alarm when it feels like you just went to sleep? There are always those morning when we wake up needing a little extra TLC. Maybe it’s because you were woken up three times by the kids, maybe it’s because you indulged a little the day/night before, and sometimes there’s no reason at all.

On mornings like that, though we’d all love to book it to the nearest spa and check ourselves in, it’s rare that that’s actually possible. Instead, one of my favorite things to do is to squeeze in a little at-home facial that only tacks an extra couple minutes in the middle of my morning.

Throw it into your schedule and though it won’t replace the extra few hours of sleep you may have missed on, it definitely will make your day (and your skin) look a little brighter.


1. Cleanse (2 minutes)

As soon as you’ve woken up and brushed your teeth, grab a good cleanser. I like to use something with some mild exfoliation to it like the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser, or Tatcha’s Deep Cleanse. Neutrogena’s Deep Clean cleanser works well too.

Using gentle strokes, apply it to dry skin, then add just a little water and do another run-through, moving your fingers in small circles (resist the urge to scrub!).

Rinse off with warm water and then pat your face dry with a towel.


2. Massage (1 minute)

Facial massages are one of the best ways to de-puff and boost circulation. Plus, over the long haul, they can boost collagen production. They also probably sound time-consuming, and complicated, but even a minute every morning can make a huge difference.

With just the very tips of your fingers or a facial roller (I personally love this double-sided jade roller– works magic!), move in long, gentle strokes, starting at the center of your face (around your nose) and working outwards and then down. First, work your way to the top of your cheekbone, and then downwards towards your jaw and neck. Then, start between your eyebrows and work across your forehead towards your temples, and then again towards your jawline.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits you’ll see, it’s also a really calming practice with which to start your day. Remember- even a minute is enough!


3. Mask (1 minute)

There are masks for pretty much anything you’re looking for, but when I’m starting my day with one, I like to use something that’s going to gently brighten, and also hydrate.

Right now my hands-down favorite morning mask is the Summer Fridays r+r mask, but I also love the Herbivore Brighten mask, and the Kiehls Calendula + Aloe mask.

Gently apply a thin layer of product on your face, and then you’re free to continue with making breakfast, getting the kids ready for school, or getting ready for your day. All you have to do is wash the mask off in the shower!


4. Mist (10 seconds)

During the day I like moisturizers that get the job done without an ounce of extra moisture. Especially when I’ve used a mask that has lots of essential oils in it, I prefer not to overdo it.

With the Summer Fridays mask, sometimes I actually forgo moisturizer altogether, especially if I’ve left it on a little longer before washing it off. For other masks I like to follow them with a spray of a mist that’s going to add a little moisture, but also gives my skin a little refresh.

My current favorites are the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin mist, which is as amazing on its own, as it is over makeup, and the Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water mist, which first of all smells divine, but also hydrates and tones and is very very lightweight.

Spritz a few times, and you’re out the door, feeling a whole lot brighter than when you woke up!

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